“Kill them!”- The Farce of Fox News

Following the tragic events in Paris, Fox News has unleashed a torrent of racist, offensive, and full on incorrect and dangerous venom.

Russell Brand highlights (humorously) some of the bile, of which is shown and analyzed in his YouTube channel The Trews.

The events in Paris were truly awful, and shocking. However, the American media have used the tragedy to further its own a agenda by spreading fear and hatred of Muslim communities in the US and abroad, clearly evident in Fox News’s coverage and commentary on the events. I’m Irish and rarely watch Fox News, but was taken aback at how such poison and irrationality is permitted on US mainstream television. That woman is alarmingly scary.

Kill them!”
Bomb them!”

Really Judge Jeannie? Is that a sound minded, informed, or even educated response to atrocities which didn’t even happen in your own country?

And should a whole news station even allow such a gross emotional exploitation of people in and out of the US by calling for continued violence?

Evidently there is very little difference between the response of Fox News and the mindset of the Paris terrorists to things that upset them.

But then again, Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch.