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Money, Money,Money: the voting illusion

It’s election season. The amount of significance that can be attributed to that term varies for each individual, and this writer can state early that when it comes to general elections, such events grab very little of my attention.My serious attention anyway.

Election campaigns are sensationally entertaining, whether your politically minded or not.

The UK has just announced the depressing results of the general election (Conservative majority), while canvassing and election campaigns are still ongoing in the US and Ireland. Ireland is more preoccupied with its referendum on Gay marriage as of late, so the US will be the focal point.

It’s safe to say Obama will be ousted, so who will take the throne?
Clinton, a token of traditional US political history, and slightly more approachable because of the possession of a female reproductive system, which enforces an illusion of change, reform, good warmheartedness?
Or Bush, another token for the more violent, radical, and- lets face it- stupid side of US political history?

Or a variety of other candidates: Romney, Paul, Cruz, Rubio?

Who will you, the people, vote in?
Who will you, the people, pick? Who will you, the people, elect into government?

The answer to all three?
No-one. lobbyists-1-300x230You, the people, in addition to your opinions, and votes, have very meager influence in the lobbying and campaigning that takes behind closed doors, or sometimes out in public. With the Multimillion and billion dollar fiasco that is US lobbying and Campaigning, best believe when you simply follow the money in politics, your going in the right direction.

Take the Koch Brothers for example. With the intention to spend $886 Million in the run up to the 2016 election, ensuring who they want in power gets power, only the naive could think they’re little box-tick is enough to change the system.

But we know that, right? It has to be largely accepted, whether we like it or not, that general elections and voting is largely just a show. We know how it goes- they stand up there, say some speech, make some promises to do this,that, and the other, and we watch and say “Great”.

But deep down we know it’s all bollox.

Its largely accepted: Politicians lie.
We Expect Them to Lie.

But we still go and vote, fueling this endless cycle of pointless nonsense.

If anything, the voting process is there to assure Politicians and Government, that it is they who still have the power.


From following US news, specifically honing in on whenever the Dangerous Duo  are involved, their names resound in my mind like some evil duo of boss’s in a video game; or a partnership of villains from a movie. Perhaps the New Avengers movie (I should state clearly here I am not familiar with comic books at all), with the creepy pale Brother and Sister, who, at the beginning, use their powers for evil; until they realize the extent of the mass destruction they’ve unleashed.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver=Koch Brothers.


I can’t be the only one who see’s it.


A threat to free speech? Irish police arrest Anti-Austerity peaceful protestors, some as young as 14.

Ireland has seen some controversial measures by the Garda Siochana with regards to what has been dubbed “political policing” by some politicians and journalists the past week.

Within the last 7 days, 11 Anti Austerity and Anti-Irish Water charges protestors (including political party members)  had their homes raided by up to 8 law enforcement officers at a time. Some of those arrested were as young as 14.

The manner in which the arrests were carried out has been heavily criticized, with regards to the timing of such arrests (some as early as 7 in the morning) and the waste of Garda resources used to execute the arrests (24 policemen were used to carry out 4 arrests).

One such arrest involved Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy, who opened his door to 6 Gardai (policemen) who raided his home, and then hauled him to the police station for hours of questioning regarding an incident which occurred in November 2014.This involved the Irish minister for Social Protection Joan Burton who, after implementing extremely harsh and controversial tax measures and budget cuts, met unwelcoming crowds when she presented herself in one of Dublin’s biggest socially disadvantaged areas, Jobstown, Tallaght.
Rather then address the crowds or answer questions, the minister sat in her car on her phone while protestors chanted slogans and obstructed her vehicle. A primarily peaceful protest, the most extreme element’s occurred when the Minister was hit by a water balloon from one of the protestors. A cement brick was also hurled at a Garda vehicle by a bystander.


Burton has advocated a number of controversial and harsh austerity measures to repair the damage of the Irish Banking crisis, in which the mistakes and debts of bankers sank the Irish economy, and plummeted the country into debt, the burden of which was then passed to the taxpayer. The Minister has also oversaw the illegal privatization of Ireland’s water resources.
2 months after the events in jobstown, 11 people including 2 children and 3 political opponents of the Ministers Party, Labour, have been arrested.

Also, efforts are being made on behalf of the government, and Irish media, to stifle publicity about the arrests

“Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy was silenced when he attempted to raise concerns over “political policing” in Ireland’s parliament on Thursday.

The Ceann Comhairle, responsible for chairing Irish parliamentary debates, ruled he was out of order. Murphy’s microphone was subsequently switched off”


Are such actions an attack on the right to protest and free speech? And, more alarmingly, is political policing being used to quench opposition in the run up to Irish General election? The arrests are blatantly an attempt to criminalize the Irish Water protestors, however to the contrary, the events seemed to have reinforced the view of many that the Irish government is quite openly, resorting to desperate measures to quench any political opposition to them and their policies.

Outrage at such authoritarian measures have been expressed at numerous protests throughout Ireland, and even abroad, with a protest taking place outside the Irish embassy in London last Wednesday.

Pedophilia in the Establishment- Why is Justice Being Prevented?

News of late has been riddled with various sex and child abuse scandals among prominent politicians, bankers and others stretching from the US across the Atlantic to the UK. Both countries pillars of western democracy.

Prince Andrews has been under the spotlight with child abuse allegations, and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, convicted of soliciting underage girls for prostitution.

It has emerged that Bill Clinton too was in constant contact with the Billionaire Epstein, and had regularly flew to his Florida properties.

People in the UK are no stranger to the legacy of politican Cyril Smith, a pedophile of historic proportions, whose activities were covered up by the British Parliament during the 1980’s. Proof is slowly emerging that Thatcher, and others knew the extent of child abuse that was occurring in prominent ranks of the UK Parliament, but chose to protect those involved.

All of these events are hideous, and truly shocking for everyone involved. whats increasingly hideous, is the obstruction of justice that is being implemented by the Government to protect the names and positions of those involved.

Bluntly, why are governments and state authorities protecting these pedophiles? Files and information regarding the names of individuals have been classified, and remain so in the “interests of national security”.

We, as taxpayers, are funding establishments that lie frequently to the people about political issues such as tax, fracking, the privatization of resources and State agencies, wars- and now pedophilia.

Where does the line stop?
This, if nothing else should be the wake up call to people that democracy is NOT working.

  • If Democracy is the a system designed “for the people, by the people”, why do UK residents have no say in the controversial Fracking legislation, despite 90% public opposition to it? Why is the UK’s NHS being privatized?
  • Why do US Citizens get dragged into foreign wars they don’t agree with until false pretenses of WMD?
  • Why are Irish citizens lied to about bank bailouts, forced to pay illegally implemented Water Charges which the majority are opposed to?

    And now, why are taxpayer funded Politicians, Policing organizations,and others trying to obstruct justice and protect a number of exploitative, despicable individuals?

    This is Democracy.

    An illusion of justice, freedom of choice, and honesty, maintained by instilling the fear that whilst our governments aren’t the best, they could be worse. Recent events make me wonder. Could they be?

    It takes certain type of people to condone and ignore child abuse. Yet, that’s whats running the country.

“Kill them!”- The Farce of Fox News

Following the tragic events in Paris, Fox News has unleashed a torrent of racist, offensive, and full on incorrect and dangerous venom.

Russell Brand highlights (humorously) some of the bile, of which is shown and analyzed in his YouTube channel The Trews.

The events in Paris were truly awful, and shocking. However, the American media have used the tragedy to further its own a agenda by spreading fear and hatred of Muslim communities in the US and abroad, clearly evident in Fox News’s coverage and commentary on the events. I’m Irish and rarely watch Fox News, but was taken aback at how such poison and irrationality is permitted on US mainstream television. That woman is alarmingly scary.

Kill them!”
Bomb them!”

Really Judge Jeannie? Is that a sound minded, informed, or even educated response to atrocities which didn’t even happen in your own country?

And should a whole news station even allow such a gross emotional exploitation of people in and out of the US by calling for continued violence?

Evidently there is very little difference between the response of Fox News and the mindset of the Paris terrorists to things that upset them.

But then again, Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Britain’s Prince Andrew linked to US ‘sex slave’ abuse case with Jeffrey Epstein- David Icke was right, again.

A woman has filed claims billionaire banker Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused her multiple times as a minor, and loaned her out to various high profile individuals, including Prince Andrew. One of the most recent stories to come out in the mainstream media, shadowing Icke’s claims years before.  Obviously, Buckingham Palace has denied the claims. Full story here

Review of Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution’

Many of you may be shocked to learn of Comedian Russell Brand’s recent switch to political/current affair commentator. I know I was. Along with serious appearances on PrimeTime and elsewhere, in addition to Brand’s youtube channel “The Trews- News you can trust”, the comedian is using his name and charisma to provide his followers with a source of genuine unbiased political thought with regards to current affairs, terrorism, corporations, and a lot more. He has been involved with a number of protests such as the Irish Water Protests, marches against austerity measures in London, and most recently the New Era Housing estate movement. Many have been critical of Brand’s involvement and career change, and yet while Brand’s trademark egocentric,downright barmyness features strongly throughout, it in a way validates the overall earnestness of his agenda.

Russell Brand
Brands latest book Revolution is similar to The Trews in ways- the sometimes seemingly directionless ravings, the critique of modern day news reporting, politicians and figureheads, the sarcasm, the breakdown of overly complicated political jargon to layman terms, and more seriously, a persistent nudge in the direction of a worldwide, peaceful revolution.

How to take an ex sex and drug addict seriously on such a sombre level? Especially when the blatant hypocrisy of a celebrity whose benefited significantly from the exact structures he claims are failing is acknowledged? Well, I suppose you don’t have to. However, the research in Revolution which reference notorious academics such as Dave Graeber and Noam Chomsky among others, lend Brands work a credibility not so easily refuted, and coupled with Brand’s explanation of serious political and revolutionary ideologies through humorous means, make Revolution appealing to those without an interest in politics. And even if you don’t agree, its both an eye opening and entertaining read. If nothing else, Revolution provides insight to the reader of Brand’s own realization of the unfairness, greed and injustice that is rampant through all strata of society today. And he puts it simply:

“Unless you are the CEO of a a major corporation, you too in 2014-15 are repaying taxes to a Government that doesn’t represent you; they represent the interests of big business.”

Its worth noting that much of Brand’s work references spiritualism and faith,and specifically a spiritual revolution. It all sounded a bit too tree-hugging-hippy-ish to me too. But under all the spiritual anecdotes, there is some solid sense and logic to Brand’s thinking. Does Revolution call for a revolution? Yes, in a way, though not through the traditional connotations. He references Gandhi, in that people need to “Be the change” and that to truly see the injustices and failing of modern day democracy, we must break away from the capitalistic and materialistic mindsets so embedded in society.
Possible? Of course.new
Appealing? To some.
Successful? Depends.

Overall, Revolution is a work designed to, if not inspire mass revolt, then to encourage people to think for themselves and challenge the economical,corporate and political systems of today. To question the logic of following, maintaining and supporting a system that in all honesty, does not benefit the majority, but the elite few. Revolution is deliberately not overtly serious and thoroughly researched as to disengage readers, and this is where its success is, as those without an interest in politics and economics are not alienated. The lack of such may pose issues for the more academically minded, but even so it still references controversial topics such as trade agreements, foreign policy, bank bailouts and tax evasion. Arguably, it may just be the regurgitated rhetoric of pre-existing academics and ideologies, mingled with spiritualism and black humor, but regardless its a stimulating, provocative and engaging read.

Can you afford to be healthy?

We’ve all been there. Shopping isles, foraging for the items we normally throw in our trollies, but wait; something catches our eye on the same shelf. Organic. Hmm. Same item but apparently better for you, and alas, more expensive. Less chemicals, GMO free, No artificial flavors ect. and of course it probably is better for you. But can you afford it?

Government: “Eat healthier”

We hear it regularly, government plans to tackle obesity and related illnesses, often preaching to us, the consumer, to “Eat healthier, Make better choices”. These statements do nothing more than insinuate that the blame is on society; poor eating habits result in poor health. It’s your fault (lets ignore for a moment the vested interests the Healthcare industry and pharmaceutical companies have in unhealthy societies). The truth is while more and more people are becoming aware of poor quality food standards and the health dangers cheap, processed, chemical pumped foods offer, people cannot simply just “eat Healthier”. It’s not like go exercise; walking and running are free. It’s not like get more sleep. Antibiotics and arsenic in the chicken. Growth hormones in the milk. Cancer causing sweeteners in, well, just about everything. Now that your aware of such dangers, surely you can spend an extra 15 minutes on your shopping trip to read the label of every item you pick up and make better, healthier choices.

Truth is, a shocking number of people can’t. Cancer causing, processed, dangerous foods are stocked in every food store at low prices, as opposed to organic foods (if your store even stocks them) which are generally more expensive, and less plentiful. In new study published by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, low income Americans would have to spend almost 70% of their income to meet the national dietary guidelines. So, while it’s all well and good for the government to simply blame societies lack of education regarding food, or allocating it to laziness, gluttony ect, and while this may be true in some cases, the fact that Governments maintain low food standards resulting in mass cheap food production that harms health is rather telling.

Bluntly, if low income families (nearly half of the USA) can’t afford a healthy lifestyle, this results in widespread unhealthy lifestyles, which results in health issues, which subsequently leads to a need for health care, which funds a booming Health and Pharmaceutical industry.

We are allowing ourselves to be told we’re to blame by the very organizations who are keeping us unhealthy.
Governments, Food and Healthcare companies need to stop allocating all the responsibility and blame for nationwide poor health and obesity epidemics to people and start taking responsibility for allowing the present day situation, where it’s cheaper to buy a box of doughnuts in Walmart then a bag of sprouts.

Why Irish eyes aren’t smiling: Irish Water

After years of fierce austerity measures, the Irish Water debacle seemed to blast the last few bits of patience the Irish people had. No scheme has gathered more public unrest and controversy then the formation of the privately owned company Irish Water. This article is not attempting to influence or inform your decision on whether to pay the charge or not. There is a plethora of information out there to do that. What will be discussed however is why exactly the formation of the company Irish Water is illegal, as is the actions of the Irish Government. What follows is utter insults to the integrity of the people of Ireland by Fine Gael and Labour, and the tactics employed by the Government and Irish water to legitimize blatant illegal actions, resulting in an illegal domestic charge, and illegal contract (both by Irish and EU law) and nothing but an abuse and mockery of the Irish people


“Today I enter into a covenant with the Irish people……Honesty is not just our policy, it is our only policy”220px-EndaKenny2007FineGael
Enda Kenny, the Day he was elected as Taoiseach, 9th of march, 2011

Fine Gael and Labour were elected in a time of severe economical crisis. Severe cuts, increased taxes, and high unemployment and a general feeling of despair greeted the new coalition government, whose best policy was honesty, if words are anything to go by. Now, while no one would ever voluntarily testify to the honesty of a politician,  people had genuine hope, or at least belief, that a new party could hardly be worse than the last.
What came was a series of exploitative job schemes (Jobbridge) rooted in maintaining a welfare state, and yet again, increased taxation. But this time, the tax came in a form completely unexpected. While Water charges had been on the cards as early as 2009, no-one could have predicted the deceitful tactics employed by the Irish government to privatize Ireland’s water.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Is That Even legal?

On the 25th of December-yes, Christmas day- the legislation to privatize Irelands water, The Irish Water Act 2013, was signed into law. This was to pass the law without massive amounts of public attention
Firstly, there is existing EU legislation (Europeans Competitions Treaty Act art. 82 and 86) which prohibits the privatization of natural resources, so the Irish Water Act is in breach of EU competitors law.
Also, under the EU Water directive 2000, Ireland does not have to pay for water charges. However, as the Irish Water website kindly informs us “The Irish Government introduced national legislation in 2013 (Water Services Act No. 2) obliging Irish Water to introduce charging for the supply of domestic water services.”
It is highly evident from the above that the implementation of the company Irish Water was managed in a way to go unnoticed and unapproved by the people of Ireland.
To add further insult to injury, the Minister Alan Kelly is due to renew Ireland’s EU exemption on Water charges in January, which he intends not to do. As reported on avaaz.org ,

“Last week the Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly said that Ireland did not have an exemption from domestic water metering and charging as defined in the EU Water Services Directive.
This was simply untrue, and the EU have confirmed this.”

A Torrent of Tyranny

• Irish Water is owned by Denis O Brien, who owns GMC/Sierra and Communicorp, a media Giant who owns many of Ireland’s radio stations. Irish Water was not a legally registered or certified company at the time it signed a contract with the Irish Government, and did not possess an EU (required) Tax certificate of registration.
• Many have been critical of Irish Water’s bullying threats to people who don’t pay their charges. Turning off their water supply, directly taxing their wage or social welfare payment, but interestingly circling around court hearings. Irish water is currently being delayed due to major disputes in the courts already.
• Irish people already pay Water charges. The Property Tax introduced in 2011 is supposed to cover the costs of “Essential Services” which includes the water system. VAT was increased in the 1970’s to cover the costs of maintain the water infrastructure. The government, and company Irish Water want you to continue paying these, plus your average 260 euro a year.
• The meters currently being installed in thousands of homes across Ireland are the same meters that are currently being uninstalled across America due to concerns of dangerous radiation emissions.

Final Thoughts

Irish people are angry for a number of reasons; a strange company demanding details and PPS no’s, employing bullying tactics to those who don’t pay an already paid for charge,  and the blatantly deceitful illegal and bullying actions of the Irish Government complacent to Irish Water in the form of controlled media, downplaying the real issues with regards to the privatization of Ireland’s water, ignoring mass protests, and most recently, Enda Kenny’s refusal to call a general election early, despite widespread angst. There is a lack of transparency in the Irish government, and the establishment of Irish Water is a prime example of why: to push through agendas in favour of the elite few. There is a history of such in Irish politics. As long as they can bully and make unreasonable demands of the Irish people, be assured, they will continue to. Rising rent and house costs, rising intuition fees, “Temporary” Universal social charge, Property Tax, Water charges: only we can decide when it will end. Ireland is no longer a land of scholars, but a land of many who can no longer afford education, a place to live, and soon, one of the  basic human needs, water.

“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”